Graphic Design

Graphic Design (19)

Logo designed by Labrender for the Online Directory of a spanish company.

One of our clients, the company Jewels Jaragua, was presented at an event, in which different companies engaged in the manufacture of jewelry, involved to promote, publicize and report their creations. So he asked Labrender to develop different products that were exhibited at the Jewels Jaragua booth during the fair.

Logo design for the startup company FF3V.

Logo for the German company Social Media Network, which is in charge of several social networks dedicated to dating. Some of these online sites have benefited from our collaboration as austria-date.at and singlekartei.de.

Logo for a website that offers a service, valuation on line dating sites.

Poster design for promotional campaign, agency artistic Panamanian.

Study of synthesis, iconography and logo.

Logo design for web of rent apartments in Havana.

Logo design for new company in Ecuador.

Logos for lighting products from the company Labcod.

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